UPDATE: Active shooter suspect assaults officer, nurse at hospital – ADDED: 911 call and police radios

Norton police are still withholding information about the Oct. 3 active shooter incident as the investigation continues.

David Michael Havrilek, 41, of Akron, was taken into custody as a suspect and transported to Akron General with gunshots wounds. According to court documents from Akron Municipal Court, Havrilek assaulted an officer at the hospital around 12 a.m. He will appear in court on the charges and the date will be confirmed and published.

A detective did confirm that there were multiple guns at the scene but would not say how many. They also confirmed more ammunition was collected from the scene this morning.

More information will be published as soon as it becomes available.

Listen to the 911 call to dispatch.

Listen to edited audio from police radios covering the call of shots fired, evacuation of Barberton High School and apprehension of suspect.


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