It’s the apple of their eyes

An Apple-icious Friday Fun was recently had by 168 Norton Kindergarten students.

This year all kindergarten children in Norton are housed at Norton Primary. The staff met and planned a hands-on learning afternoon to kick-off and support the community’s Cider Fest, believing that linking school and community is a vital part of the Norton schools and city relationship.

The learning centers, manned by over 50 parent volunteers, were hands-on learning fun which also met Ohio’s Academic Learning Standards. Children enjoyed tasting apples (science: physical properties), measuring how long they each were with real apples (math), making applesauce cinnamon necklaces (math and science), read “apples up on top” (literacy), printed with apples (art) and did apple relays (gross motor/gym), while singing apple songs as they moved from center to center (music).

Superintendent Dana Addis made his way through the apple centers, enjoying the excitement he saw in his youngest learners. One kindergarten student, from Mrs. Mattle’s class shared that his favorite part was having both his mommy and daddy come to help and slice the apples the kids tasted. “Green apples make your face scrunch up,” he said, “but yellow apples are soft.”

Eric Morris, Norton Primary’s principal, knows how important the teacher-parent relationship is in educating his students and looks forward to future activities that invite parents back into the school to be part of the learning fun. Parent-teacher conferences are the next opportunity for teachers and parents to partner to build this Panther Nation of learners.



Norton Primary students study apples.


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