Council says goodbye to retiree

Michelle DeShon

Herald Staff Writer


Barberton City Council gave recognition to retiree Pamela Mollric for 30 years of service in the utilities department.

In a previous meeting, council approved legislation publicly recognizing Mollric for her service. Councilman and former public service director Elwood Palmer tearfully thanked her for her dedication.

Interim Director of Utilities Dennis Weaver said she was a dedicated employee and had a passion for helping others. Council laughed when he said she had to be told that is was time for her to leave work because she wanted to continue helping customers.

During the planning committee meeting, Mayor William Judge said he is looking for council members to pass a resolution indicating their interest in purchasing land at 425 W. Hopocan Ave. for the purpose of constructing a new municipal building, police department and jail. Magic City Pit Stop is on that land. Judge said they will likely have to go to court.

In discussion, Councilwoman Nina Angeloff said they will hear the third reading of proposed medical marijuana legislation Nov. 27. Citizens are welcome and encouraged to attend and share their opinions.

Council met Nov. 20 and was not supposed to be voting on legislation but after committee updates, they went into a session and voted in favor of Judge entering into contract with Summit County for health insurance coverage for full time city employees. This was passed with emergency wording and will go into effect immediately. Safety Director Elizabeth Daugherty said the deadline for this is Nov. 21 and they’ve been working on this contract for several months. Council President Fred Maurer said this will save the city money.

Law Director Lisa Miller said the city and county have been working to collaborate on insurance for about a decade.

Council plans to vote on many items at the Nov. 27 meeting including the police department scrapping vehicles and selling firearms, the purchase of an ambulance using grant money and an ordinance amendment which will increase costs for solicitors to work in the city.

(Photos by Michelle DeShon)

Councilman Elwood Palmer thanks retiree Pamela Mollric for working in the utilities department for 30 years.


Council President Fred Maurer hugs retiree Pamela Mollric, who was also his principal at Barberton High School.



  1. Joyce Anderson on February 28, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    We, the City and its residents, had to say ‘Enjoy your retirement Pam, you’ve earned it 10 fold’, to a very sweet, gentle & CLASSY LADY!

  2. Jan Rowland on November 21, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    Thanks for your service Pam. You always were willing to help out all the customers with respect and a smile. Your kindness will never be forgotten. Good luck on your next adventure and enjoy your retirement. You will definitely be missed!!!

  3. Rhonda Raines on November 21, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    Congratulations enjoy your retirement

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