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Michelle DeShon

Herald Staff Writer



Barberton City Council continued their discussion about medical marijuana in the first meeting of the year.

Nov. 27, they voted against legislation that would allow the city to have more control over these entities with additional regulations like city licensing fees. Since they voted no, new legislation was proposed Jan. 2 prohibiting the operation of cultivators, processors and dispensaries.

There is one exception in the ordinance that caused some debate. Licensed facilities like a university, academic medical center or private research and development organization would be allowed to conduct research.

Councilwoman Nina Angeloff asked whether this research exception could include testing the marijuana products and if so, they already voted against this when they voted no on the first piece of legislation.

She said, “I don’t have a problem with testing and research, that would be wonderful to have that in town, but I have a problem with that being put on this piece of legislation after it’s already been voted no on.”

Director of Planning and Community Development, Joe Stefan, said this legislation is not based on the old one but rather what he says is the city’s second best option.

With no legislation in place, medical marijuana entities could go in an area zoned commercial, industrial or in the downtown area. Wherever a pharmacy might go, a company could go, said Stefan.

Councilwoman Carla Debevec said she did not approve of the original legislation because she thought they could have increased their licensing fees. They agreed to have three readings to allow more discussion.

They also discussed trash that was not collected on 16th Street Northwest for two weeks when a resident at the meeting asked. Councilwoman Joyce Coburn said residents need to call Director of Public Services Michael Vinay, Administrative Coordinator for the Mayor Melissa McFadden or Republic Services directly. Republic reportedly missed the street the week of Christmas and were supposed to come back and collect it Dec. 29 but it was left again. It appears as though the trash has been collected as of Jan. 4.

Members talked about an ordinance allowing Mayor William Judge to hire a building commissioner within a range of pay grades. This pay specification will able him to negotiate the salary and offer about $49 to over $60,000 based on experience. They have had trouble filling the position before so they are raising the amount they can offer, said Judge.

They discussed a contract with Pentair Flow Technologies to get three new pumps at the Water Treatment Plant for about $244,075. Weaver said he has more information to provide council before they vote. This and other legislation will be voted on in upcoming meetings.

Council had their organizational meeting, where Judge Todd McKenney swore in Craig Megyes (vice president) as president, Carol Frey as vice president, and Carla Debevec and Michael Soyars as at-large council members and Renee Fox as council clerk.

In closing comments, Judge asked council members to give him a list of the streets in each ward that they want to see on the paving program.


(Photos by Michelle DeShon in Herald photos)

Craig Megyes (vice president) is sworn in as the president of council by Judge Todd McKenney.


Carol Frey is sworn in as the vice president of council by Judge Todd McKenney.


Carla Debevec and Michael Soyars are sworn in as at-large council members by Judge Todd McKenney.


  1. Anonymous on June 5, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    Where are the replies?

  2. Former City resident on March 19, 2018 at 4:22 am

    Terry & Easy Rider, you are both right. In order for our elected & appointed government Officials to pass any legislation as an emergency, @ a minimum, each piece of legislation must meet specific subject-matter criteria, if not, each piece of legislation is required to be read 3 times & read @ 3 separate public meetings, w/which must be posted in 6 public locations, posted 6 weeks in advance & afford the public an opportunity to address Council why they oppose or support it, before the final 3rd reading.
    (Unless the rules have since changed)

  3. Terry on January 4, 2018 at 8:45 am

    When and Where does Council Talk and inform the Voting Public of their thought process for What their voting on. It seems like everything is Hush Hush, Everything’s voted on as an Emergency. I do think the City Council will voted on in the Future. and I would hope That things would become Transparent. If not I do think its Time to Vote For the Future and realign this Council

  4. Easy Rider on January 4, 2018 at 5:39 am

    What a dog and pony show. Now they bring the marijuana topic back to the table armed with a bunch of excuses in order to help cover up the fact they were totally unprepared the first time. How about you give the taxpayers good black & white info and let us vote on this as a community ? This town made a very poor decision when it gave council & the mayor the ability to “emergency” everything which is basically a revolving door for mistakes.

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