BPD retiree honored, city budget released

Barberton police officers and department staff filled the courtroom at Barberton City Council to honor retiree Gerard Antenucci.

They adopted a resolution naming March Multiple Sclerosis Month. Councilwoman Shannon Conrad-Wokojance said she was diagnosed 10 years ago. She thanked council for the support.

The 2018 budget was given to council but they are waiting a week to vote in case there are any questions. This budget includes $2,761,340 in the Streets Capital Improvements Fund, $1,487,733 in the Streets Operating Fund, $11,658,000 in the Income Tax Fund, $189,996 into the Parks Revolving Fund, $800,000 into the Emergency Reserve Fund and more.

The city will contract with CT Consultants to investigate the flow of four main sanitary sewer trunks for $76,500. This will include electronic readings and recommendations if improvements are needed.

They bought two new dump trucks and equipment for a total of $305,624, paying $80,000 each year for four years and then they will own them. They agreed to contract with Tenable Protective Services, Inc. to provide unarmed, uniformed security officers in the Municipal Building and will allow BPD to salvage or scrap over 30 unneeded vehicles.

They honored Antenucci who served for 26 years with Barberton Police. He started in 1992 and became a detective in 2001, served on the SWAT unit and helped start bike patrol.

Mayor William Judge thanked him for his service at various levels. “You’ll be missed.”

Chief of Police Vince Morber said when he was new, Antenucci was someone he looked up to because of his work ethic and commitment. He said officers wanted to be like him and supervisors wish they had more like him. Morber said Antenucci even tracked down a fugitive that was wanted here while vacationing in Florida.

Antenucci said the young officers have everyone in good hands. He said they know more than he did when he started.

They increased the pay for the Building Commissioner part-time position from $35 an hour to $50. They have been unable to fill the position.

After Finance Director Ray Flickinger announced he is retiring, council appointed Assistant Finance Director Jeremy Flaker to take his position.


(Photos by Michelle DeShon)

At-large Mike Soyars presents Barberton Police Department retiree Gerard Antenucci a resolution for his 26 years of dedication.


Barberton Police Department retiree Gerard Antenucci embraces Safety Director Elizabeth Daugherty as other city staff wait in line.


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