Norton board talks levy and safety

Jim Eritano

Herald Staff Writer


The Norton Board of Education opened its meeting with a lengthy report on what the district is and has been doing to secure the buildings and ensure student safety.

Superintendent Dana Addis said, “What we have in place is secure and foundationally strong. The health and wellness of our students is paramount.”

Measures already in place include secured entries, visitor badges, and doors that are locked and shut during the school day.

Each of the Norton School District’s buildings have had security measures in place. Norton Primary School plans to add a second door to create a vestibule to more effectively control entry. Students at Norton Elementary are escorted into the building, and doors are locked and manned all day.

Middle school teachers now must use their own master keys to enter the building in the morning. Substitute teachers turn in their car keys in exchange for a master key, and at the end of the day the keys are exchanged again so that the teachers cannot leave the school with the keys. Badges, buzzers and drills are also part of the middle school’s security program.

Norton High School principal Ryan Shanor talked about the call buttons in every room of the state-of-the-art building.

Norton Police Chief John Dalessandro said that his officers are in each of the schools every day. Besides the security the officers provide, the students are reassured of their safety by the police presence.


(Photos by Jim Eritano)

Norton Schools Treasurer Stephanie Hagenbush explains district finances.


Norton Superintendent Dana Addis congratulates March Students of the Month Sophia Neilson, Samantha Lombardi, Megan Bennett, Natalie Vasilev, Ryan Pratt and Eric Satina. The adults are Superintendent Addis and Bret Baker.

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