Read city council agendas

Click on the links for the agendas for Barberton and Norton city councils.

Barberton – 07-09-18-Barberton-Council-Agenda

Norton – 07-09-18-Norton-Council-Agenda

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  1. Barberton For A Future on July 10, 2018 at 10:43 pm

    People are starting to catch on to you Mr. Mayor, your appointed staff is horrendous, a PLANNING director that has filed BANKRUPTCY multiple times, Draining the rainy day fund, and spending all emergency funds because you don’t have an once of knowledge writing a balanced budget. Don’t mention wasting our time and money saving Norton, on sewers and water, while having OUR City workers painting NORTON fire hydrants and cleaning NORTON manhole covers, they may be our problem now, but their workers should still be maintaining while we collect the $$. BAILOUT BILL, get it together or you wont be around much longer. Would run for mayor but wouldn’t want the headache of fixing your mess. We will leave the info on the new Justice center for another time…

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