Couple on scooter arrested

Jim Eritano

Herald Staff Writer

Responding to a suspicious vehicle call, Norton and Copley police found Chasiti Szill and Adam Macdonald standing by a scooter in the 2700 block of Hametown Road.

The couple told police they got cold riding and pulled over so Szill could put on a hooded sweatshirt.

Officers discovered that Szill and Macdonald each had active warrants and suspended drivers’ licenses, and placed them both in handcuffs. Szill’s warrant was for failing to appear for an arraignment on charges of possession of a syringe for illegal drug use and for an open container of alcohol in a vehicle.

Before the scooter was impounded the officers did an inventory search and found a small bag in the trunk with two syringes, a digital scale with white residue, two glass methamphetamine pipes with burnt white residue and a container of what later tested positive for crystal methamphetamine.

After Szill and Macdonald were read their Miranda rights, Szill said she was just out of detox and the contraband was not hers. Macdonald said that when he picked her up, Szill put her clothes and other items in the trunk of the scooter.

Szill was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, drug abuse instruments and drug paraphernalia. Macdonald received a citation for driving under suspension and released because his warrant was out of the pickup radius.

Szill was processed at the Norton Police Department and taken to the Barberton City jail.

In court Aug. 13, Szill was released on a $5,000 signature bond, subject to drug testing and medium supervision.When she failed to appear for her arraignment two days later, a warrant was issued for her arrest, plus a $5,000, 10 percent bond.

Macedonia police arrested Szill Aug. 23 and turned her over to Norton police, who took her to court. The case was continued for Notice of Direct Indictment, where a case goes directly to trial without a preliminary hearing.

No date was available for Szill’s trial in Summit County Common Pleas Court.

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