Coach Gotto suspended

Magics Coach Gotto suspended for one game

Magics Head Football Coach Tony Gotto has been issued a one game suspension and fine from the Ohio High School Athletic Association for his comments in the media regarding the officiating in last Friday’s football game against Tallmadge.
Coach Gotto will be serving his one game suspension Friday in Barberton’s game vs. Kent Roosevelt High School.

Read more in the Oct. 25 issue of the Herald.


  1. Schooling should be mandatory, or volunteer for free. on November 20, 2018 at 5:14 pm

    The refs have been going down hill for years. Would we want a any doctor to work on us without actually learning how, but somehow passed the test with no school? Hey refs… Go back to the books! You are doing no good service to any school. Maybe peewee.

  2. Steven Blile on October 22, 2018 at 10:39 pm

    Thats what they get for taken the schools away that was helping these new referee all you do now is go on line and take a test once you read the book that doesn’t teach them a thing the schooling was what help it’s a joke no with no training

  3. OHSAA is a JOKE on October 22, 2018 at 9:08 am

    The refs in this game were awful. The Tallmadge coach is a jerk. The reporter did not have to print what he did knowing the outcome. Look at the video of the Tallmadge kid head butting the Barberton kid. Joke!

  4. Wonderer on October 20, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    I am wondering why I think our Constitution gives folks freedom of speech and that the Constitution is the highest law in the land. I wonder if it was Harry Truman who said if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?

  5. P. Yoo on October 19, 2018 at 7:22 am

    Gotto was right in what he did. Refs need to be FIRED!

  6. Unreal on October 18, 2018 at 6:51 pm

    Officials were horrible and deserve criticism. They officiated with a cocky attitude as if they were trying to get a reaction from the coaches. I say suspend the refs!


  7. Snowflakes on October 18, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    What did he say? Did he hurt the poor little officials feelings??
    At least it’s only he Kent game, and not the Highland game…

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