Norton speed enforcement takes a break ** Violation report published

Jim Eritano

Herald Staff Writer

The speed cameras are gone – for now. 

Norton Administrative Officer Robert Fowler announced that the photo speed enforcement program ended Monday night. It will resume when Interstate 76 construction starts up again in the spring. 

You might be happy to see the cameras go, even if just for a few months, but you might want to hold off on the celebration.

The photo enforcement system used handheld cameras to photograph vehicles and measure their speed. Tickets were mailed to the registered owners of vehicles identified as violating the posted speed limits. Owners could mail penalties or appeals to the address on the back of the ticket. The violations were civil and did not add points to your driving record.

Things will be different now; that is, back to the way they were.

The cameras will be replaced by real officers who will write tickets. Speeding will again be a criminal violation, which will add points to your driving record, and could impact your insurance rates.


Click the link to see the tickets issued.

BLS NortonViolationReport.ToDate.110118


Click on the link to read the Press Release issued from the Norton Police Department

BLS November press release

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