The Diamond Project returns  

Cierra Thompson 

Herald Staff Writer

The Diamond Project, a Neil Diamond tribute band, performed at the Magical Theatre Company for their nearly sold out show. 

The band started seven years ago and has since then performed in over 200 concerts. The lead singer, Gary Gomez realized he sounded like Neil Diamond from singing in the car. After Tim Richissin, band manager and Gomez retired, they decided to start their band. Richissin also plays the acoustic guitar in the band. 

As a band, 99 percent of the music they cover is Neil Diamond, but they do occasionally cover other artists. 

The 11-piece band is comprised of individuals from all across Northeast Ohio. They get together for practice in an old fire station in Cleveland. The band features drums, horn instruments, guitars, a piano and back-up singers. They have played in Barberton during the Summer Concert Series this past summer which was when they were approached and asked to return to the Magic City. 

“We had an overwhelming response from emails and stuff like that after we played here, so we contacted somebody and that’s how this whole thing started,” said  Richissin, 

“Neil Diamond is one of the best know older singers,” said Richissin. He explained how Neil Diamond has recognized their cover band and likes the sound they produce. 

The band is used to performing in front of big crowds, sometimes even up to 1,500 people. Their next few tour dates have already been sold out. Some of their concerts are to raise money for charities and organizations. 

“That’s what it’s all about, having some fun and giving back a little bit,” said Richissin. 

“When you’re going to have a band that sells out their shows, you’re going to have to find the best people out there,” said Richissin in regards to his talented band mates. 

Their targeted audience is usually  35 and older but they have listeners come to their shows of all ages. 

“The crowds, meeting the people and playing in really cool theaters is what makes this so fun,” said Richissin.

After playing at the Nov. 10 show, they look forward to returning to the Magic City again this summer. 

Courtesy photo- The Diamond Project 

The band covers Neil Diamond’s biggest hits as the audience sings along. 

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