Junior Achievement seeks volunteers

Junior Achievement’s mission is to prepare students for success in the global economy, and they’re looking for volunteers to help make that happen.

As the largest organization in the country of its kind, Junior Achievement (JA) often partners with schools in order to reach students of all ages. These programs always center around the pillars of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy and the end goal for JA, much like the schools they partner with, is to set students up for economic success.

JA will be partnering with Barberton High School this month to host a brand new program called the “Career Exploration Fair.” At this event, ninth grade students will have the opportunity to meet with and speak to volunteers working in a plethora of fields. The goal of the program is to expose students to a range of career options across multiple careers, and give them someone within that field that they can connect with and ask questions.

“The more job exposure they have, the more opportunities they have too,” says JA Representative Ginnie Adams. Adams works in the North Central Ohio area, just one of the 109 areas that make up the JA network. She has been involved in several collaborations with Barberton High School, but is particularly excited about this event. She feels it’s important for students to be exposed to career paths they may not have thought of, and actually meeting with someone from that field in person helps solidify that career as a potential option. There’s evidence to back that claim up, as a country-wide alumni survey conducted by JA found that at least 20% of alums felt they ended up in their field because of the exposure they had to it as a student.

The event, which will be Friday, Oct. 25 from 7:30 a.m.-noon, will involve all 260 ninth grade students and volunteers from as many careers as Adams is able to find. “I’m really excited to bring this program to Barberton students,” she explains, “and to give community professionals the opportunity to help these students as they navigate their future careers.” To learn more about being a volunteer or to sign up, contact Adams at 330-433-0063 ext. 111.

Pictured below: Carlena Helms and Patricia Cross from Citizen’s Bank speak with Barberton Middle School students at the Junior Achievement Economics for Success program.




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