Individuals channel the paranormal to celebrate Halloween


For the second year in a row, the Akron Zoo hosted a paranormal ghost walk hunt for all to enjoy on Halloween night. Complete with five stations, individuals were able to take a hands-on approach and utilize innovative technology in an attempt to detect paranormal activity. Guests also had the opportunity to learn about animal and zoo artifacts and touch authentic animal furs. 

In the year prior, the event was focused on information surrounding animals and the zoo. 

Event and Marketing Coordinator Caroline Lutz, has been involved with the zoo for two years. As a believer in ghosts, she was really looking forward to providing people with an experience they would never forget. 

“Our main draw is obviously our wonderful animals; it is so cool to see the zoo after hours,” Lutz said. “To have access to see the animals and walk around the park in the dark, is not only eerie, but it is enrichment for the animals.” 

Lutz mentioned that the zoo staff have experienced a plethora of strange activity on the property. 

“For ghost stories last year, we sent out an all-staff email encouraging employees to share their experiences here at the zoo, and we got quite a few responses. Footsteps, keyboards clacking, doors shutting, lights, things like that,” Lutz added. 

In an effort to keep the event modern with fresh elements, the zoo joined forces with Team Spectre, a paranormal group based in Canton, who places an emphasis on understanding and connecting with the spiritual realm through communication. The acronym Spectre, according to the official company website, refers to “specialists in paranormal engagement, communication and team research expeditions.” 

Zoo guest Earl Sharrow has not witnessed any paranormal activity, although he did experiment with a Ouija board as a teenager. He commented on why he wanted to attend the event, and what made it unique. 

“I did not know what to expect, because I have done other things that have had ghost stories and stuff like that, but it was really cool having actual ghost hunters show us the equipment and go through everything with us…” exclaimed Sharrow. 

Zoo guest Sonny Daniel thoroughly enjoyed the event, and says “every little piece was informative in its own way.”  

If the event takes place next year, Lutz noted the zoo would change things up with a different paranormal group.

Hannah Predojev

Herald Staff Writer 

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  1. Jeff Eastman on November 6, 2019 at 4:20 pm

    The couple shown in your picture are Jeff and Susie Eastman founders of North Canton Paranormal Detectives. Jeff is demonstrating his Electric Light Dowsing Rods and Susie is holding a prototype EMF detector called the Para-Light.

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