Seniors prepare for life after graduation

Students indulged in mock interviews in an effort to become familiar with the candidate hunting process as part of their career communications elective.

The class, in its fifth year, is a senior level course that individuals are required to take before graduation. It focuses on a variety of crucial aspects needed in order for peers to thrive professionally, including accountability, ambition, appearance and attitude. 

Here, students create a professional portfolio complete with a cover letter and resume. Additionally, they participate in at least two interview sessions. A rubric and sample questions are given to all companies to provide potential feedback to individuals. 

This year, 20 company partners conducted the interviews, including Huntington Bank, Summa Health and Waffle House. Previous partners include Garner Pie Compny and Summit Metro Parks.

BMS principal Mike Andric and Superintendent Jeff Ramnytz coordinated the event to give individuals an inside look at the characteristics and values hiring employers want in an employee. 

Relationships were established between Andric, Ramnytz and the companies who volunteered six years prior. This year, Assistant Principal Ryan Hartzell noted it was important to “spread the wealth” to companies they have not worked with previously. 

In total, 15 seniors both in the fall and spring semester were hired as a result of a similar event last year. 

Hartzell acknowledged that compared to traditional job fares, folks are in a more intimate setting and have the opportunity for exponential growth, both personally and professionally. 

“I cannot say enough about what our students get from this opportunity and experience; I hope that our partners are getting the same,” Hartzell said. “Seeing the great things our teachers are doing in this class, and the good things that our students have going for them, hopefully that carries them to the next level…” 

Senior Samuel Waite interviewed with Fastenal and Summa Health. After graduation, he plans on attending basic training for the Army. He discussed during the interview process, he felt “prepared and confident” with his ability to answer any questions asked.  

“I would encourage people to do this because it is a great experience,” Waite said. “…These are real employers, people who do interviews every day. It definitely readies you for the future.” 

The school’s interview event was very much a success; Hartzell hopes to continue pursuing this type of wonderful preparation for students in the future. 

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