Nursing students pass exams

The senior Advancement to Nursing students at Barberton High School celebrated as all 15 passed their STNA exam. This is the 12th straight year the program has seen a 100% passage rate.

The class of 2020, led by instructors Cindy Boswell and Debbie Ritz, are:

Barberton High School: Haylee Drake, Taylor Guysick, Sydney Hatula, Laila Hauke, Olivia Lee, Mavis Sugden. 

Copley High School: Joannely Caban, Ryan Quiroz-Phongchalern.

Norton High School: Leeann Richardson, Chelsea Shaffer.

Wadsworth High School: Megan Basco, Nevaeh Hixenbaugh, Hannah Hughes, Sylvia Reynolds, Emma Spoerke.

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