The great tradition continues

The Barberton Herald will begin the printed edition June 4.

The Herald suspended the printed edition April 2 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Many Herald advertisers, which includes small businesses, had to close due to orders from the governor and therefore stop advertising. Advertising is the backbone of the industry and without advertising, there can be no newspaper. At that time nearly 80 percent of the advertisers had temporarily closed or suspended business. The Herald also considered the health of their employees and customers in making this tough decision. 

The online edition found at was free for all readers for a month during the suspended printing April 3-May 7. The online edition will go back to the normal rate of $16 per year June 1. 

For our print subscribers, the subscription has automatically been extended for 6 months as a special thank you. 

Established in 1923, The Barberton Herald actually began in Kenmore in 1921 before relocating to the Magic City on West Tuscarawas Avenue. The newspaper relocated several times before settling in at its present location on Fourth Street Northwest in 1967. Copies in the 1920s sold for 2 cents or $1 for a one year subscription.

Herald founders Harold Makinson and Frank Gaethke, who also established Marshall’s Department Store, acquired the defunct Barberton Leader and the Barberton News. Each publication maintained offices until the newspapers were consolidated around 1929.

David Allen Richardson and his wife, Catherine Ann Robertson, purchased the Herald from Makinson in 1985. Richardson, originally from Canton had been a journalist in Washington DC, Florida and Ohio. His “One Man’s Meat” columns became popular with many readers.

Robertson was a Norton High graduate and retired from Society Bank as president. The two ran the Herald until 2004, when Cheryl Lyn McCracken-Vespoint, Robertson’s daughter, purchased it. Vespoint is a 1984 Barberton graduate.

Today, the newspaper averages sales of more than 7,500 issues per week through printed and online subscriptions and newsstand sales, with single copies at $1 and a years subscription $20. The online newspaper subscription is $16.

Please consider subscribing to either the online or printed edition, follow us on Facebook and check the Herald website at for the news you need. 


  1. JPB on June 3, 2020 at 2:13 am

    I remember working for Harold Makinson when he owned the Barberton Herald, Marshall’s Department Store and the Park and Lake Theater. This was back in the 1950’s. I worked for all four of them.

  2. Judi Jacobs on May 30, 2020 at 6:57 am

    Welcome back. I have missed reading the Herald. Always informative and keeps me updated on local happenings. I have been subscriber for years. Keep up the good work.

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