Barberton Council goes unheard

Tayler Thompson
Herald Staff Writer

Barberton City Council members held a Committee of the Whole meeting Sept. 8 and although live-streamed via YouTube, nobody outside of the meeting knows what was discussed. Due to a technical error, the meeting was streamed without sound, leaving residents and news sources searching for answers.

Ironically, Councilman Justin Greer shared earlier the same day on social media that he had sent a letter to Governor Mike DeWine in regards to allowing the public to attend these meetings. The letter states, “Here in the City of Barberton, we have moved our Council meetings to our Active Adult Center which allows for social distancing of city officials as well as provides room for guests. With the current orders in place, we are unable to allow public access even though we can provide a safe environment.”

He went on to say, “Local governments have been moving forward with important legislation and residents are being left behind due to the implementation of technology that is not adequate. This issue combined with representatives that are vulnerable and can not interact with residents, no media presence, and restricted ways to gather input from citizens, I feel we are leaving our communities at a disadvantage.”

Topics of discussion at the meeting included several pieces of legislation regarding financial assistance, COVID-19, city taxes, forming a Community Improvement Corporation, an agreement with Norton and Copley for jail services, and the fire department budget.

For more on current legislation in the City of Barberton, pick up our Sept. 17 edition of The Barberton Herald.

The Sept. 14 Legislative meeting will be live-streamed on the Barberton Herald Facebook page.



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