Norton announces plans to return to in-person learning

Tayler Thompson

Herald Staff Writer


Norton Superintendent Dana Addis has announced the district’s plan to return to in-person learning in October. In a letter to Norton families, Addis explained a plan to transition into a hybrid, in-person learning mode. He said, “This transition is our next phase towards a full return to our buildings, which is, ultimately, what we hope can happen.” 

The plan outlines a full week half days for grades K-4 and students in grades 5-12 will receive both in-person and remote instruction as students will be in the building 4 days per week, with Wednesdays being designated for remote learning and cleaning and sanitizing the building.

Addis went on to discuss the risks of spreading COVID-19, referring to the number of cases in area schools as “manageable”, stating, “Our county is Level 2- Yellow, as it would appear that safety protocols are working.” He also explained that although those protocols will be in place, there will still be challenges. He said, “As you should expect, masking, social distancing, and cleanliness will continue to be important parts of our days.” He says each mode of learning will produce varying levels of anxiety.

Addis stated, “In a year when many of us are looking for a return to normalcy, signs in hallways, smaller groups of students, sanitizing machines, and masks are limiting true normalcy. That being said, we are beyond excited to have our kids back in our schools as they continue their educational journey.”

Parents are encouraged to check the website and keep an eye on e-mails for updates regarding the re-opening of the schools. Remote learning will continue for students and families who chose that option or would like to remain in that mode.

For more information on the district’s plan to reopen the schools, pick up the Sept. 24 edition of The Barberton Herald.

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