Norton provides free vaccinations

Bob Morehead

Herald Staff Writer

The state of Ohio requires most students to get vaccine boosters going into their seventh and 12th grade years but that’s a challenge for some families.

Enter Health Heroes, a company that provides cost-free immunizations for school districts around the country. The parents’ insurance is billed for the cost, with the company ensuring no copays or deductibles apply. For uninsured families, the state picks up the tab.

Norton schools nursing director Tina Longworth first brought them in a few years ago and they’d come back last spring for another round of shots.

Then the pandemic happened.

Schools shut down and things started to change almost daily. Norton schools opened the 2020-21 year remotely. But Health Heroes returned to try again on the shots, pulling out the needles Sept. 18. From 2:30 to 5:30 p.m., kids rolled up their sleeves.

“The parents bring in their consent forms and we send them on their way,” Longworth said.

“They go home with a paper saying their immunizations are up to date,” Brook Harris, with Health Heroes, said. 

Michael Elliott, 12, of Barberton, pretends to get a shot from Health Heroes’ Brooke Harris at Norton’s seventh and 12th grade immunization clinic Sept. 18.

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