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Ramblings by Robert

There was another mass shooting a couple weeks ago. Eight people killed in a California rail yard. It was the 15th mass shooting of 2021 and California’s governor asked “What the hell is wrong with us?”

It’s a fair question.

The Barberton Herald, due to proximity, gets the daily Akron Police blotter. Bullets fill the air like raindrops in that town. One of our own was gunned down recently just riding a Metro bus.

What the hell is wrong with us?

Guns have always been easy to get in America. Kids used to take them to school to show them off, not to shoot their peers. Guns are not the problem.

Europe has all but extirpated Christianity from its shores. European kids are not shooting their schools. Lack of God is not (directly) the problem.

In a related note, nearly the entire West has abortion on demand. Only American kids are shooting up their schools. Loss of respect for human life through abortion is not the problem.

Europeans have very similar tastes in entertainment. European kids are not gunning down passengers on their buses. Violent entertainment is not the problem.

All countries have bad parents. Their kids are not shooting up their schools. Bad parents are not the problem.

The West is replete with broken homes. Only American kids are shooting up their schools. Broken homes are not the problem.

Europe has a much more lenient penal system than America. Europeans are not shooting up their supermarkets. Being “soft on crime” is not the problem.

Drugs are prevalent throughout the Western world. Only in America are workers shooting up their workplaces. Drugs are not the problem.

I do not have the answer but rounding up the usual suspects is not going to get at it. This is a uniquely American problem that did not exist previously. We need to look for what is uniquely American that arrived in the space between our parents’ and grandparents’ day and our day. Find those things and we will be closer to a solution. It’s time to stop looking for easy answers. It’s time to dig deep and confront what may be painful. We’re not going to solve our shooting problem any other way.

Bob Morehead
Herald Staff Writer

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