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New high school coming

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Bob Morehead

Herald Staff Writer

At their latest committee work session, Barberton City Council met the principal of Barberton’s new high school.

Matt Arshnikoff introduced himself and his institution, Towpath Trail High School.

“We’re a dropout recovery school,” Arshnikoff said. “We’re not here to take anything away from Barberton High School. We’re here for students who can’t make it in a regular school setting.”

The school, intended to be open in the fall, will be downtown across Wooster Road West from McDonald’s. The old Key Bank building will be the offices and classroom space will be built around it.

This will be the third Towpath Trail school, the other two being in Akron. These, in turn, are part of a network of recovery schools all over Ohio, taking students aged 16-21.

That night council had two executive sessions. Out of the first, the safety and finance committees later advanced the new police union contract for readings. The second, “to discuss matters required to be kept confidential,” was at the end of the meeting and no action was taken after.

The finance committee also advanced the promised ordinances restricting the use of American Rescue Plan Act money and Mayor William Judge gave a presentation on the city’s intent, broken down into infrastructure, community amenities and neighborhood improvements.

The streets committee advanced an ordinance to take a temporary easement at the corner of Wooster Road North and State Street for the road improvement project.


  1. Breesha Taylor on May 19, 2022 at 8:28 pm

    Towpath is a great school & so happy to have them down the street.My daughter goes to the main one on Market & hates going downtown bus station because she has had problem with some of the older men. She carried mace until security at school confiscated it.
    So hope this will be much better for her.
    Warm welcome Towpath!

  2. Brittany on May 19, 2022 at 5:06 pm

    This is a great idea. I will say this though about some barberton high school teachers…. Like I said some… My son a A and B student took chemistry his junior year. The teacher he had didn’t care if his students passed or failed. The class started with 24 students and by the end of the year only had 4. Three were failing one passing with a D. The teacher belittle his students and told them to go soul searching if they wanted to pass their next test they better go study more. Even though all of them failed the quiz that the test was going to be on. Let’s just say we got involved and took our son out of the class. Now he has to make up that credit because it’s a credit he needs for graduation. He wouldn’t of passed in the first place. This teacher never gave homework only two labs and the rest quizzes and tests. I don’t about most but the reason I passed high school was homework. So this is a great idea. Maybe some one should also look into what’s going on and some teachers teaching there.

  3. Norma lamson on May 19, 2022 at 2:13 pm

    Barberton would benefit from towpath in their city. My granddaughter graduated from a towpath and it was a wonderful option for her when regular school wasn’t working. Great school.

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