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Mayor: ‘Every property owner is getting a letter’

Barberton’s iconic but aging downtown has around 400 buildings, Barberton Mayor William Judge told The Herald.

The owner of each and every one, he added, was poised to receive a letter.

“Some will get a letter that says, ‘Great job, keep up the good work,’” Judge said. “Others will have a list of violations that need corrected.”

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Barberton Mayor William Judge points out some of the details downtown can improve on after a zoning blitz.


  1. Big John on June 15, 2022 at 2:34 pm

    Bill Judge is doing right on this one by trying to keep the downtown from becoming a dump. I appreciate Judge doing this one but in all fairness Judge should also be giving himself a letter for years of neglect on roads and road maintenance. So dont forget to mail yourself a letter Bill Judge.

  2. Demo Critters on June 3, 2022 at 8:35 am

    Won’t matter. In another year Biden will have the whole country looking third world.

  3. YOUGOMAYOR on June 3, 2022 at 6:22 am

    The Mayor is acting rightly here. Go look at Wadsworth or even Doylestown and you see how nice a downtown can look when government and merchants co-operate in fixing things up. You go Mayor Judge!
    I wish the city would get involved more in citing what I call yard slobs…people too lazy and inconsiderate as to let two to three foot grasses and weeds grow in the neighborhood. I am told that if you have such a pig sty in your “hood” you should call the Building Department at 330-848-6730 and report it. The City should come out, tag the property, and if the owner does not cut the lawn do it for him at his expense. Get those mowers out boys…we don’t want to earn the title of Barbertucky!

  4. Arnold on June 2, 2022 at 10:51 am

    Just yesterday (Wednesday 6/1/22) Barber road was being “paved” in a rain storm. The company was huddled under the bridge on their machines. Two persons was directing traffic off the highway where it was one lane. Just past Claire’s, there a was strip graded so low the cast iron bar was almost invisible with collected rain. My borrowed car sustained a flat tire from the cast iron. NEW TIRES!!! I filed a police report and have called the pavers about replacing the tire. Officer was wonderful. No return call (yet, fingers crossed) from the paving company. I am outraged that this section wasn’t addressed BEFORE the rest of the street. Why was it left like that? I’m all for improving Barberton streets because they are a nightmare. My home street hasn’t been paved in 20 years! C’mon Barberton! We pay our taxes to get a letter saying “improve” your property?

  5. Eric on June 2, 2022 at 6:13 am

    You should be more concerned with fixing the roads in Barberton, especially Wooster rd. By the way what happened to the grant money that is supposed to be used to fix Wooster Rd.?

    Did you purchase another RV or Bus?

  6. Larry Ashbaugh on June 1, 2022 at 6:23 pm

    If Barberton really wants to make an impact on the direction of the city, then pave Wooster Road from Johnson’s Corners to the eastern city limits. Barberton has the worst streets in Ohio, and anyone who drives through the city on the main street of Wooster Road can feel the downward spiral as they hit pothole after pothole.

    The first change necessary in a city’s growth or rebirth is to change the perception that the government is either moving toward positive change or slowly holding onto the railing as the ship slips beneath the waves. That perception is reinforced when we hit another pothole or see another house in disrepair.

    Barberton is at a disadvantage due to the large number of non-resident occupants who are not responsible for individual property improvement and owners who do the minimum to keep renters from fleeing. Better if Barberton offered to buy the houses from the owners and offer them to new owners, with conditions that they maintain and improve the houses if they remain as owner-occupants in Barberton. Reduced paint costs and business.cooperative discounts could be made available for those who do their own work.

    It would also help if the unions, who hold a strangle-hold on Barberton government, was more of a cooperative entity, as part of the community, vice a sometimes adversarial block to progress. Together Barberton get things done. Opposition from any portion of the community causes the entire city to suffer. A perfect example is the baseball fields on Wooster Road that often stand empty because the city and union priced themselves out of competitive cost and service.

    It can be turned around, but with a shortage of funds that is not going to change without effort. It will require new ideas, new thoughts, and a new approach. Why not start with new pavement?

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