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Cemetery monument proposed for Norton

Ally Brown

Herald Staff Writer

A three-phase resolution was proposed by Norton’s Parks and Cemetery Board regarding Norton Center Cemetery at the work session June 20. 

The headstones have been deteriorating for years at the Cleveland-Massillon Road cemetery and many are illegible. Instead of fixing the individual headstones, Chairman Neva Gibson has proposed the city erect a monument or plaque constructed of granite. The monument would contain names, birth dates and death dates. 

The board feels that fixing the headstones would only provide a temporary solution against the elements. Their hope is to eventually install a monument at Western Star Cemetery, but recognize that Norton Center Cemetery is rapidly declining. 

The second phase of their project would include 4-by-six inch name plates to be placed by the headstones to mark the location of the graves. Since the headstones are crumbling, a location marker will be needed in the upcoming years.

The third phase would implement a fence surrounding Norton Center Cemetery in hopes of protecting the graves from animals, but also to hide the crumbling headstones from passerby. 

Council encouraged Gibson to find estimates for the monuments. She believes Norton Center Cemetery will cost around $10,000 and hopes to secure donations, but the city’s cemetery fund of $25,000 was also mentioned. The resolution was moved to the next committee work session for further discussion. 

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