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Trucen Farm development moves ahead a step

Bob Morehead

Herald Staff Writer

City council will hear readings on a controversial new luxury housing development intended for Barberton’s southeast side.

Council met June 21 in Committee of the Whole, delayed a day for the Juneteenth holiday.

Passing out of committee are four ordinances addressing the Trucen Farm project, A proposed $40 million development that would put 56 upscale houses and 150 luxury apartments on 121 acres on West Tukeyfoot Lake Road. The first declares the area a planned unit development. The second creates tax-increment financing for it. The third rezones it from industrial to residential. The third, and most contentious, declares it a community reinvestment area with a 15-year, 100% property tax abatement.

Many have commented this is an excessive giveaway and the superintendent and president of Coventry Schools, which has the property, attended a council meeting earlier this month and, predicting 150-200 kids from the development would bankrupt them.

The developer countered June 21 with its own analysis, estimating about 20 kids. The work showed that while Coventry Schools get nothing for the first 15 years, the district will get $401,255 a year after that. A sidebar box in the report noted the project will bring Barberton 308 temporary construction jobs, five permanent jobs and 232 residents.

Of course, this is mostly guesswork as nobody knows who will buy a property or how many school-age children they will have. Pricing and architecture for the project, though, are aimed at young professionals and “empty-nesters,” which the developer thinks will have a minimal impact on the school district.

Also moving out of committee is an ordinance paying Wichert Insurance $358,188 for a year of the city’s coverage. This is about $5,000 more than last year and does not cover the dam at the reservoir.

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    Roe vs. Wade overturned…..let the looting begin!!

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