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Magic Theatre awarded state grant funds

State Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) today announced that 27 arts organizations in Akron and Barberton have received a combined $581,535 in grants from the Ohio Arts Council (OAC) to continue promoting a variety of arts initiatives in the Akron area.

“I am pleased that the Ohio Arts Council has awarded funding to support the arts in District 35 and throughout Akron,” saidRep. Galonski. “As an OAC board member, I understand the important impact this funding will have for constituents interested in the creative industries both in District 35 and throughout the state of Ohio.”

The grant funds will support local arts organizations based in visual art, music, and theatre to enable them to continue and expand their programming. Grantees located in the 35th House District include the City of Akron, the Northeast Ohio Center for Choreography, the Rubber City Shakespeare Company and the Magical Theatre Company.

In the last four biennial budgets, the OAC has directly funded arts programming in all of Ohio’s 88 counties. At its summer meeting July 20, the OAC approved grants totaling over $18.2 million in the areas of operating support, project support, arts learning and apprenticeships for individual artists.

State Rep. Tavia Galonski

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