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Beautiful homes surrounding the mums

As you walk around the Mum Festival, take time to admire the stately homes  on Third Street, Lake Avenue and Sixth Street.

These are solid built homes, many over 100 years old. The streets closest to Lake Anna, which were Park Avenue, Third Street, Lake and Sixth Street had lots that were slightly larger than streets like Seventh and Eighth streets. This made the Lake Anna property more valuable and the lots more expensive. 

From the beginning, larger homes were built on these four streets for early middle class of doctors, lawyers, land speculators and shop owners. 

The houses around Lake Anna are being rezoned and converted over to mixed residential and commercial uses, with great results.

As an example, the work done to the home at Third Street and Lake Avenue. This house was built in 1899 by A.A. Moore, a prominent citizen and a business associate to O.C. Barber. This restored home features a brokerage business on the first floor and a residence above. Other great examples of restored Lake Anna architecture can be found by walking down Lake Avenue and entering Lake Anna Court between the brick pillars. Here you will find a whole group of restored Victorian homes on both sides of a pleasant driveway entrance. 

As you enjoy the Mums please take a little time to admire this fine old Barberton neighborhood from the Victorian era. 

Contributed to The Barberton Herald by the late Steve Kelleher , Barberton Historical Society. 

Originally published Sept. 27, 2012

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