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Norton memorial tabled for a time

Bob Morehead

Herald Staff Writer

Following new proposals and a special meeting to go over them, an ordinance moving ahead with a Woody William Foundation Gold Star Families memorial in the city center has been tabled.

“We need more time to go over the information and decide what we want to do,” Councilman Jamie Lukens, who sponsored the legislation, said.

There will be a memorial. It is its source, appearance and location that are under discussion.

“This does not kill the memorial,” council President Paul Tousley said. “I don’t want to see this slide.”

A rubber stamp authorization for the Ohio Department of Transportation to inspect bridges in the city got a first reading and went for a second.

Council conducted a public hearing on rezoning the old Hunky Dory bakery property into a commercial zone to make way for a flex space development. There were no objections and the proposal got a second reading and went for a third.

A measure buying radar speed signs got its third reading and was approved.

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