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Goodbye and Thank You

This day, Dec. 29, is the final edition of The Barberton Herald.  After 100 years of serving the community, The Barberton Herald is closing.

The Herald has been part of generations of families over the past 100 years and will be dearly missed. The Herald journey has been long and memorable. Somewhere, someplace, each one of you has an article, picture or story about a family member or friend that touched your heart, that you cut out and saved. There is no doubt The Barberton Herald had a huge foothold in the community.

Cheryl Vespoint, Herald publisher stated, “Making this decision has been one of the hardest decisions in my life. I can barely speak about it without getting a lump in my throat. There is no way I can thank everyone who supported us for so many years.”

Businesses were hit hard by the pandemic, forcing them to close or cut back on employees and expenses. The Herald lost many advertisers during that period. As revenues went down, costs soared. The rising cost of postage and printing are far too great to overcome. The Herald would have to double the subscription rates and advertising prices to make ends meet.

We will not do that to our loyal readers and advertisers that have been by our side. Many are struggling, too. Most Herald employees were born and raised in Barberton and Norton. Their identities are directly tied to the Herald because of years of loyalty. We did our best to bring you the news you deserved.

It is with a heavy heart we say goodbye. The Herald is eternally grateful to the loyal subscribers and advertisers who have made The Barberton Herald part of their life.

*** The front photo is the cover of the award winning magazine dedicated to the working women of our area, organized and published by The Barberton Herald.