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‘One-and-done’ turns 32

Bob Morehead Herald Staff Writer The original news release for the first Barberton Mum Festival in 1991 proudly declared the event to be “the first annual Mum Celebration.” That wasn’t 100 percent honest. “It was intended to be a one-and-done,” former parks director Lisa McLean, the “Mother of the Mum Festival,” told The Herald in…

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Mum Fest in a Magic City

“Why what a lovely town!” said Barber’s great grand niece who lives in Colorado. “Yes,” I immediately replied. “Isn’t it.” I had never been more proud than I was on that day. 

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Magic City gets a kiku out of mums

Bob Morehead Herald Staff Writer Originally published Sept. 30, 2021 It’s been part of the PR from the beginning. Supposedly, one has to go to the imperial chrysanthemum gardens in Kyoto, Japan for a larger display than Barberton’s million-plus September bloom explosion. Pressed for details, no one’s really sure if it’s still true, even if…

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Beautiful homes surrounding the mums

As you walk around the Mum Festival, take time to admire the stately homes  on Third Street, Lake Avenue and Sixth Street. These are solid built homes, many over 100 years old. The streets closest to Lake Anna, which were Park Avenue, Third Street, Lake and Sixth Street had lots that were slightly larger than…

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Tea with the Queen

The Queen of England was a given in our lives. We compared notes, and neither Himself nor myself remember a time when Elizabeth, first as Princess Elizabeth and then as Queen, was not a constant, underlying cornerstone of our personal world.  My favorite doll, which I have to this day, was a Princess Elizabeth doll.  She is dressed as a child.

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